For young Niels it was nearly impossible to hide from horses as father Harry Bruynseels was a horse trader for many years. Nevertheless, Niels only started competing the age of 14. It is a well known rule in many trading stables, that the best horses are sold first, just like it happened at Stal Bruynseels.

Because of that, Niels had to take on many new horses, time after time. At first the always changing situation seemed a setback, but in the long run it proved a blessing as Niels learned to ride and adapt to many different types of horses.

When Niels’ riding qualities were spotted, owners started having confidence in the young talent, confiding him with their horses. First up was Domino de Fel. With the French gelding, Niels took a giant leap into the spotlights.

Out of the blue, he was the best Belgian rider at the European Championships for Young Riders in Copenhagen and the duo became the combination to beat as they claimed the silver at the Belgian and European Championships only one year later!

Sooner than expected Niels took the next step in his career when he started competing with the older, more experienced Senior riders. But the rookie proved himself worthy, when bringing home the bronze medal after a tremendous Belgian Championship in Kapellen.

Meanwhile, a second French star was rising, called Item de Quintin. Bought as a youngster, he confirmed his top qualities when being placed in the Grand Prix of Gijon, Maubeuge, Outdoor Gelderland and off course Mechelen. Niels and Item finish 5th in GP held at the Europeans in Mannheim en 6th at the new edition of Jumping Antwerp. Though both were young, they were of great value to the Belgian Nations Cup Team which seized the silver in Rotterdam.

The talent got titled, AA Talent of the Year. In the first edition of this Belgian talent support plan, Belgium’s finest Juniors and Young Riders were put to the test. Niels was the first rider ever to receive this honorable title.

But times doesn’t stand still, Domino de fel was retired in 2008. In this year the Belgian team wins the Nations Cups of La Baule and ends 3rd in Rotterdam. One year before, a new horse entered Niels' stable and in 2008 she presents herself as a true talent, Aluna. Only 8 years old, she places in Aken, Helsinki, Rotterdam and Dublin like a vertran. In Beervelde she wins the exhausting Master and so she turns out to be the horse that will buckle up with Item to challenge the biggest competitions.

End of 2008 Item jumped an impressive Grand Prix in Brussels and in 2009 the French gelding gets sold, leaving Aluna as the first horse. In her maiden year, she jumps 5 Nations Cups and the European Championship in Windsor. Carpalo shows off during the Belgian Championship and proves a promising horse for the future, while the stallion Castelino van de Helle steals the breeders' hearts. 

2010 is once again a year packed with results. Carpalo and Nasa travel Europe, Chipolini wins his first Grand Prix, breeders enjoy Castelino and Echo van 't Spieveld but the climax of the year was the victory in the Belgian Championship with Aluna, jumping better than ever before.

2011 start with a serious set-back. Both Nasa and Echo van 't Spieveld get injured early in the season will mist most of the outdoors. Few months later Aluna is sold to Denmark and thus Conisha van de Helle becomes one of Niels' main horses. She plays her role as first horse like a star growing in confidence and power with a great campaign in Calgary. 
Spruce Meadows turns out to be the show that changes the season for Stal Bruynseels. In a sensational Grand Prix, one of the toughest in the world, Nasa, just back for injury fights a battle with the legendary Hickstead, ending second after the Olympic Champion. Nasa's performance doesn't go by unnotticed and a few months later Steve Guerdat welcomes Nasa and Carpalo in Switzerland. In the meanwhile Diamanthina evolves well in her training, winning the Bonheiden Grand Prix.

Niels' story so far has been one of bringing young and talented horses to the top. Thanks to a series of good sponsors and loyal owners and a proven training-system Stal Bruynseels look confident towards 2012.