16 June 2019   |  Share this article:

Belgium wins Nations Cup Sopot

This week it was Delux van T&L who got to defend the Belgium honor in the Nations Cup of Sopot. It was an extra important assignment for Niels and Delux, because Sopot was also an observation for the European Championships later this year in Rotterdam. And those who could observe well could see that Niels and Delux are clearly in shape! Four penalty points in the first round, followed by a perfect second round ensured that Belgium took the ex aequo lead. In an all-deciding jump-off it was Pieter Devos who had to decide for gold or silver with Apart. Devos also showed to be in top form and ensured a gold medal for the team, also consisting of Gudrun Patteet and Yves Vanderhasselt!

Jenson van 't Meulenhof also felt at home in Sopot. He stayed clear in the opening class over a height of 1m45 and also in the 1m60 class on Saturday the stallion effortlessly jumped a clear round. Kadaffi van Orti also placed twice for the jump-off in the 1m40 and the 1m50 class.


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