05 August 2021   |  Share this article:

Tokyo 2021

First of all I would like to thank everyone... There might be no public allowed in Tokyo, but we felt the cheering and compassion up to here! Especially after the first day: the feeling was good and Delux jumped fantastic, it was the start we had dreamed of.

It was all different in the final. The conditions in the paddock were not ideal... We had to enter the ring later, the feeling was not right... And then you see what characterizes equestrian sport: one day you dream of gold, the other day you prefer to forget as soon as possible... But it wasn't over for us yet. What were we supposed to do? Participate in the team competition, or watch from the sidelines? It was not an easy choice, but sometimes you have to dare to make a decision in the interest of your horse and your team.

With Pieter Devos and Claire Z we have a fantastic reserve combination and that seemed the best choice. I will therefore be there in the coming days to help the team achieve a top result, because we still believe in it. It's possible! Thank you to everyone who supported us, thank you to everyone who was just as disappointed yesterday, but even more thank you to everyone who helped us get here. What a team! But for now, head up, it's not over yet! C'mon Team Belgium, we'll do it tomorrow, we believe in it!

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